About The Branded Espuela

Hi there, this is the Branded Espuela and I’m so thankful you have taken time to look at my place! Funny thing is I wasn’t always into “fashion”. I would wear the BIG blingy belts, necklaces, shirts, ect. But at the core of me was always comfortable but cute. I didn’t get into the whole fashion scene until I was in nursing school in Portales NM. That part of the state is practically Texas, so all the girls there ALWAYS have the latest fashion.

That’s when I got into wearing more than just  T-shirts and jeans (however that is still what I wear 98.7% of the time). This boutique was started with the hopes of bringing beautiful clothing that is affordable AND comfortable.

Now that I’m a mom, comfortable and practical is a staple in my closet, but I still want it to be CUTE. So that’s who I am, and what I hope to bring to Y O U. You should always feel happy and beautiful no matter what you have on ❤️

Thank you SO much for shipping the Branded Espuela and support small business dreams ❤️